The Most Powerful Multi-Sensor Targeting System in its Class

brite_star_iiThe BRITE Star® II systems are the latest generation of the combat-proven BRITE Star laser designation system. With a 100% duty cycle, diode-pumped laser rangefinder/designator and in-flight bore sighting, the BRITE Star II are always ready for action. Its range performance, sensor combination, and program record make it the low-risk choice for reliable, long range target designation.

The BRITE Star II has 5 field-of-view (FOV), large format thermal imager and 3 FOV, high-resolution, 3-chip colour daylight camera with matched fields of view to the thermal imager.
It also includes diode pumped laser designator/rangefinder/pointer and laser spot tracker. The bore sighting can be performed automatic in-flight.

Enables sensor cueing to designated targets, simplifies target hand-off, and helps put secondary eyes on target. Multi-mode adaptive tracker locks onto, and holds, moving and stationary targets independent of platform motion.