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If you have gotten a County Court Judgment

If you have gotten a County Court Judgment

Should this be the very first document you’ve got in regards to the financial obligation, you could be able to connect with cancel it – this is certainly called ‘setting aside’ the judgment.

Cancelling a claim may be complicated – you contact your nearest people guidance for assistance.

Replying to your creditor

You ought to answer a claim as quickly as possible. List of positive actions hinges on in the event that you:

In the event that you move house

It’s vital that you allow your creditor know you don’t miss letters from your creditor if you change address so. Without you knowing if you don’t, your creditor might start legal action.

In the event that you agree your debt component or every one of the debt

You need to verify that you need to pay your debt before giving an answer to your creditor.

Everything you should do relies on which papers you’ve got from your creditor.

In the event that you’ve received a standard notice

You’ll have two weeks to help make any payments that are missed owe.

The standard notice will say to you exactly how numerous payments you’ve missed and just how much you will need to spend. Continue reading If you have gotten a County Court Judgment