Norwegian Army receives new production CV90 vehicles from BAE

The Norwegian Army has taken delivery of new CV90 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) from BAE Systems during a ceremony at the Setermoen Military Camp in North-Norway.

FLIR Systems has delivered the thermal sensors on these vehicles. The combat vehicles are equipped with FLIR thermal gun sight. All CV90 vehicles are equipped with FLIR driver vision and situational aware systems.The 12 vehicles represent the first production batch of a total of 144 new and upgraded CV90s scheduled to be delivered to the army as part of a £500m contract awarded by the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation in June 2012.3

Under the contract, the company is required to deliver 41 new vehicles and upgrade 103 of the army’s existing fleet of CV9030s, with the addition of enhanced capabilities for protection, survivability, situational awareness, intelligence, and interoperability.

BAE Systems Hagglunds president Tommy Gustafsson-Rask said: “The delivery of these vehicles on schedule and within cost illustrates the highly collaborative, robust relationship between the Norwegian authorities, BAE Systems and its Norwegian industry partners.”

Norwegian Army CV90 project leader colonel Ragnar Wennevik said: “We received the CV90s exactly on the date we wrote into the contract more than three years ago and that is something that we are very pleased with.

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