Single LRU EO/IR Imaging System

star_safire_260_hldThe Star SAFIRE 260-HLD is a lightweight compact multisensor system which provides up to six payloads simultaneously, including diode pumped laser designation. The 260-HLD systems are suitable for all classes of applications and are fully MIL-SPEC qualified.
It has inertial navigation solution and laser rangefinder and laser illuminator/pointer. It can track multiple targets with all imagers (IR, colour, EMCCD)
The infrared camera has continuous zoom 640 x 480 and the dual EO sensors (colour and EMCCD) deliver high-resolution imagery day or night.
The high power, long range capability based on proven, fielded technology; supports both US and NATO munitions coding; supports precision targeting in conjunction with advanced stabilization, beam quality and bore sighting techniques.
The 260-HLD supports high accuracy range to target, target geo-location and Geo-Lock™ capability with optional Rate-AID.