Full High Definition Multi-Spectral Imaging System

star_safire_hdThe Star SAFIRE® HD is the only EO/IR sensor in its class to provide full digital high-definition video from all of its imaging sensors – with output video that meets NATO specifications for HD acquisition. Star SAFIRE HD features megapixel thermal, daylight, and low-light cameras with high magnification optics; laser payloads; and a fully-integrated IMU to precisely locate targets. The SAFIR HD has laser illuminator/pointer and can track multiple targets with all imagers.

It is a true digital system, not a hybrid analogue/digital system.

High definition 1920 x 1080 colour CCD provides the highest level of detail and crisp, clear imagery and 640 x 480 Infrared and matched low light, electron multiplied CCD cameras deliver crisp, detailed images in all lighting conditions.
The embedded, self-contained capability that provides geo-location and geo-pointing for improved tactical coordination and ease of system control.