Powerful Long Range Stabilized Multi-Sensor Imager with Target Geo-Positioning

tacflir_iiiWith its digital architecture, the TacFLIR III provides up to four payloads: thermal imager, daylight/low-light TV, laser rangefinder, and laser pointer, plus an IMU interface for accurate target location. The TacFLIR III is fully qualified and proven reliable in operation in the world’s harshest air, land and maritime conditions.

It has mid- or large-format mid-wave IR with up to 450 mm of continuous zoom. The daylight/low light TV has 40x zoom. It is gyro-stabilized and gives precision target geo-positioning. The auto tracker is multi-mode. The rugged design exceeds mil-standards.
The system has built-in-Test (BIT), flexible integration capability and digital and analogue video outputs.