The Ranger MS Illuminator
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Unique Intruder Deterrence System

illuminatorThe Ranger MS Illuminator is a unique deterrence system that utilizes a day / low-light CCD camera with a high-power spotlight to detect, deter and immobilize intruders. The spotlight on the Ranger MS Illuminator is available in 12 million-candlepower (MCP), and can detect and temporarily disorient intruders within 1 500 meter radius. When paired with a FLIR millimetre wave radar; the MS Illuminator can be a powerful addition to detect, visibly Illuminate intruders, and show security forces where to respond.

The MS Illuminator provides a non-lethal deterrence mode which uses a high-powered strobe light that can temporarily blind or disorient intruders. Additionally, it can serve as an alert to unwanted traffic in the vicinity (people, boats, cars, etc.) that they are in a restricted area and encourage them to leave. The Ranger MS Illuminator is available in both a covert or non-covert option and extended range performance can be achieved through the addition of an optional HyperZoom Lens.
It is easy to integrate into your system.