The NV-PTM-2F is a non-contact fuse (works on a whole width of a target vehicle), designed to operate with TM-62M, TM-62P3 and ATM-01C/B series of anti-tank mines. The fuse combines the latest achievements in military industry electronics.

NV-PTM-2F has two stage safety mechanism – electronic and mechanical, which guarantees reliability and safety not only during transportation and storage, but in preparation and arming process as well. The fuse is programmable by the programing device NV-PTM-2P. During programming process, the following values could be set:

– Duration of the armed state;

– Target counter (targets to skip before activation);

– Sensors sensitivity level (according to local soil conditions and depth of laying);

– Electromagnetic signature duplicator resistance activation;

One programing device NV-PTM-2P is able to program unlimited numbers of fusses.

NV-PTM-2F fuse is equipped with a high-technology microprocessor system whit integrated seismic and magnetic sensors. The fuse is activated, only if presence of target vehicle above the mine is confirmed by both sensors. The fuse cannot be activated from passing humans or animals. NV-PTM-2F fuse has inbuilt anti-removal system.


Camouflage earth layer, cm up to 30
Maximum duration of the armed state, days up to 90
Step of setting the armed state, days 1
Resistance to neighbor mine explosion, m 10
Target counter (targets to skip before activation) up to 6
Fuse dimensions (diameter x height) , mm 154 x 90
Fuse weight, kg 1.15
Operating temperature, °C from -20 to 60
Shelf life at storehouse temperature from 20°C to 6°C, years 2
Shelf life at storehouse temperature from 0°C to 50°C, years 10