The Anti-tank mine АTМ-01 is designed to destroy tracked and wheeled armored vehicles. It is used to prevent movement of enemy armored troops on a protect area.

АTМ-01 is a high-explosive blast mine plastic casing low metal content.

In a static test, the ATM-01C:

  • With contact fuse ATMF-01C is capable of destroying 3-6 modular chain links on the road wheel of a T-72 type tank.
  • With non-contact fuse ATMF-01 or ATMF-08 is capable of penetrating the hull of a T-72 type tank.
  • With non-contact fuse NV-PTM-2F is capable of destroy tracked and wheeled armored vehicles and severely damage aT-72 type tank.

The mine has a cylindrical body with a ribbed upper surface with a centrally threaded fuse well, which is sealed with a plug during transport and storage.

The mine is manufactured in two variants – ATM-01C and ATM-01CB.

The mine can be laid manually or automatically from a mine laying machine or helicopter mine laying system.

The ATM-01 can be fitted with different fuse systems, including contact and non-contact types, which include ATMF-01C, ATMF-01, ATMF-08, NV-PTM-2F and the whole family of fuses for the standard TM-62 type mines, like MVCH-62, MVP-62, etc.

The mine, with suitable anchor and fuse, could be placed in water up to 1m depth.

The Anti-tank mine АTМ-01 system consist of ATM-01 mine and one of pointed fuses.

The mine has virtually unlimited time of operation and no maintenance is needed during storage.

The system has one crate per four АTМ-01 mines, containing all necessary accessories. The crates are easy to carry and can be transported by airfreight without loss of function. АTМ–01 is transported and used in all meteorological weather conditions.

Duration of armed mode Virtually unlimited Virtually unlimited
Camouflage soil layer, cm Depends from the fuse type Depends from the fuse type
Distance to neighbor mine, m Not less than 5 Not less than 5
Resistance to shock wave from air explosion, kg/ cm2 12,5 12,5
Overall dimensions (diameter x height), mm: 100 ± 2 x 300 ± 2 138±2 x 300 ± 2
Type of explosive TNT/RDX 50/50 TNT/RDX 50/50
Explosive weight, kg 6,000 +0,050 9,000 +0,050
Net weight of the mine (without fuse), kg 7,600+0,100 10,700+0,100
Anti-lift devise None (inbuilt in non-contact fuses) None (inbuilt in non-contact fuses)
Operation temperature, C° from -30 to 55 from -30 to 55
Duration of storage

– In storehouse

– In field conditions

(under shelter, covered with tarpaulin)



10 years



10 years