The Anti-tank mine fuse ATMF-01 is designed to destroy wheeled and tracked armored vehicles. It is intended for use in the prevention of movement of armored enemy troops in a protected area. The ATMF-01 is a smart electronic fuse with integrated explosive formed projectile (EFP). The fuse operates when simultaneous magnetic and seismic influences are generated by a target vehicle. The EFP consists of a metal body, a hemispherical copper detonator and a charge which penetrates the belly of the target vehicle before the main charge. The explosion of the EFP also triggers the main charge of the mine.

The Anti-tank mine fuse ATMF-01 is programmed using the Programmer P-ATMF-01 for duration of the armed state from 1 to 180 days with a 1-day setup step.

The fuse has three safety levels.

The detonators are kept in separate armored containers.

The fuse ATMF-01 is compatible with anti-tank mines TM – 62M, TM- 62P3 and ATM-01.


Time for setting the fuse from safe to armed state, min Up to 20
Lock mechanism safety time, min 5
Electronic safety time, min Up to 20
Radius of seismic sensor sensitivity, m Up to 10
Duration of armed state with 1-day setup step, days Up to 180
Cancellation of armed state- self-destruction after the expiration of the programmed armed time, days No more than 180 after arming
Distance to neighboring mine, m No less than 10
Camouflage layer thickness, m for soil – up to 0.1

for snow – up to 0.3

Fuse dimensions (height x dimeter), mm: 100 x 600
Fuse weight, kg 2.45
EFP weight, kg 0.212±0.020
Operating temperature, °C from -30 to 55
Shelf life at storehouse temperature between 20C° and 60C°, years 2
Shelf life at storehouse temperature between 15C° and 25C°, years 10