The Gapfillers are designed to destroy low-flying helicopters within a 100 m range. Three versions are available:

  • AHM-200, a combined sensor in one housing with effector
  • AHM-200-1 RC, to be controlled by radio
  • 4-AHM-100, separate sensor and 4 effectors with radio control

The gapfillers are provided with a built-in unified fuse which is activated by a combined acoustic & Doppler SHF sensor identifying the helicopter by noise and Doppler signals. The effector(s) cannot be activated by occasional noises, moving people, animals, vehicles, etc.

The control system of the fuse processes and analyses the signals from the sensors and activates the effector(s) in case a helicopter enters its combat range, or deactivates it on expiration of the preset operation time. The modes of neutralization or self-destruction of the effector on expiration of the operation time are field programmable. The effector is also provided with an anti-removal feature.

The AHM-200 is positioned on a tripod, which allows aiming the combined sensor at a given direction. All parts of the AHM-200 are mounted in a common housing.

In an optional version AHM-200-1 RC the mine can be activated, neutralized, or detonated remotely, using radio signal.

New sensor is under development for detecting drones.



Acoustic sensor range, m Up to 500
Doppler sensor range, m Up to 150
Safety time after transition into armed state, minutes 35
Maximum duration of armed state, days 30
Operating temperature, °C from -20 to +50
Storage temperature, °C from -40 to +60
Shelf life, years

– In storehouse

– Under shed




Time for transition into armed state, minutes 15
Range of radio-controlled operation (line of sight) Min 2 km