Inert Training Mines & Fuses

The Inert Training Mines and fuses are non-explosive replicas designed to simulate real mines and fuses for military training purposes. The items replicate the appearance and weight of real mines and fuses allowing safe and effective training of military personnel without the associated dangers.

TM-62D Land mine                 

           TM-62D Land Mine Inert                                                         MON-100 Land Mine Inert

* Source:



       TM-57 Land Mine Inert (without Fuse)                           TM-46 Land Mine Inert (without Fuse)

* Source:                                      * Source:



            MON-50 AP Training Mine                                                              PMM Training Mine

      * Source:                                             * Source:


UMVCH-62M Training Fuse                                                                 UMVP-62M Training Fuse

                                                                                                        * Source:


MUV Training Fuse                                                                  MUV-1 & MD-5M Training Fuse

* Source:


MUV-2M Training Fuse                                                        MV-5 Training Fuse

* Source:                                            * Source:

MVSH-46 Training Fuse

* Source:                                                             


MYaM Training Sea mine                                                YaRM Training River mine

(Without anchor system)



         ZTP-50 MV & ZTP-50 TV Training Pyrotechnic Lighters