Phalanx Shield™ mv5 LPLL Camera with Computer Vision

Phalanx Shield mv5 Low Power / Low Light Camera, is our latest offering to improve First Responder’s and Warfighter’s situational awareness. As a stand-alone tactical camera or coupled with IA’s Phalanx Shield Q5 UGS and i5 PIRs, the mv5 adds computer vision and target recognition to the ecosystem. The mv5 Camera communicates directly to the Tactical Operations Center via a cellular connection. Combined with IA’s Phalanx Shield User Interface, or Cursor-on-Target platforms to include ATAK, the mv5 Camera greatly enhances situational awareness.


  • Increased scalability – 100s nodes
  • Improved SWaP/form factor
  • Secure encryption
  • No cables, external battery packs or separate antennas
  • Tamper detection
  • Cellular for beyond-line-of-sight
  • Full integration with the Phalanx Shield User Interface ATAK & WinTAK
  • Replaceable COTS batteries