Phalanx Shield™ Q5 Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) with Advanced Cyber Detection Capabilities

Phalanx Shield Q5 Unattended Ground Sensor System features detection ranges well in excess of current fielded systems, 7 classification types, cyber detection capability and double the autonomy of current products.  New generation highly scalable ultra-low power 15+ km line-of-sight communications back to the Tactical Operations Center.  Features beyond line-of-sight Relay/Repeater capability with Cellular, Iridium SBD-to-SBD, 4G/LTE Tactical Networks (e.g. Fenix BANSHEE) or MANET Radios.  Command and control using the advanced Phalanx Shield User Interface with full Cursor-on-Target (CoT) integration allowing for monitoring via ATAK, WinTAK and Raptor-X.

Phalanx Shield is the next level of performance in technology, advancing capabilities beyond yesterday’s Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS).  Advanced processing, communication and data management capabilities opens the door to more intelligent processing and algorithms, while achieving lower power consumption.  Reduced False Alarm Rates, reliable long range detection and integration with advanced User Interfaces, makes Phalanx Shield the most innovative Unattended Ground Sensor system.

The Phalanx Shield Sensor system UGS, are specifically tailored with the operator in mind.  Improved and more intelligent detection devices offer a significant potential to improve Border Patrol Agent’s and Warfighter’s situational awareness, allowing a unique capability to detect threats.

Increased Performance

  • Best in class range/sensitivity
  • 7 target classification types
  • Best in class False Alarm Rate
  • 3x lower power consumption

Next Generation Technology

  • Advanced sensor/data capture
  • Ultra-low power wireless – 15+ km
  • Increased scalability – 100s nodes
  • Capacity for intelligent processing/machine learning

Flexible Employment

  • Improved SWaP/form factor
  • Secure encryption
  • Fewer sensors required
  • Scalable processing/memory
  • Full integration with the Phalanx Shield User Interface, ATAK & WinTAK
  • No cables, external battery packs or separate antennas
  • Tamper detection & GPS
  • Backhaul via Cellular, Iridium SBD-to-SBD, 4G/LTE Tactical Network (e.g. Fenix BANSHEE) or MANET Radio based repeater capability for beyond-line-of-sight