Ranger HRC

Portable, Long Range Thermal Imaging Surveillance System with Multi-Sensor Option

The Ranger HRC is a high-resolution mid-wave thermal imaging (cooled) system built around a large format 640×480 array and a choice of powerful long range continuous-zoom telescopes. While the Ranger HRC is available in its standalone, environmentally hardened enclosure, it can also include and optional high-magnification CCD-TV camera, laser rangefinder, digital magnetic compass and an integrated, gyro-stabilized, pan/tilt mechanism that provides precise target geo-location capability. Operators can field Ranger HRC as a portable stand-alone system, or integrate it into a network of fixed-site sensors via its suite of plug-and-play interface options.

The HRC has 12.5x continuous zoom, autofocus and tunable STACE™ enhancement and is network enabled. Cooled detector results in long range performance, designed for man-size target detection above 10 km and vehicle detection above 20 km. Immediate clear and focused image at the touch of a button.

Unmatched sensitivity and four times the resolution of mid-format systems for significantly greater range performance and image quality. FLIR’s unique CDMQ™ process (Commercially Developed, Military Qualified) delivers a military quality system.
It supports Nexus™ and common Pelco® network control protocols for easy installation and integration into existing networks.

The HRC combines high performance with low weight and small size. Ranger HRC has the lowest system weight in its class, less than 8.5 kg system weight.

*Only for governmental customers in Norway