Remote Control Ignition Detonating Cord System – RCI-DC


The RCI-DC is an advanced reusable initiating systems of detonation cord.

The Remote Control Ignition Detonating Cord System – RCI-DC is a radio controlled initiating system to remotely control, test and trigger detonating cord(s). The system consists of one Control Unit (CU), a set of Remote Firing Units (RFU) (up to 5 units), detonating cord(s), detonator(s), armored container for the detonator(s) and tactical backpack. A ruggedized suitcase is included for safe transport and storage. The total weight of RCI-DC system is approximately 9,5kg.

The CU connects to the RFU(s) by radio link and transmits a unique coded signal for each RFU to initiate a detonator, individually or as a group.

The RFU transmits by the bi-directional radio link its current state. A button for Loop continuity tests the electric circuit between terminals, i.e. it tests both cable and electric detonator.

RCI-DC incorporates high safety level for the users by:

  • a mechanical button on the RFU for Activating/Deactivating. It is safe for reuse safety time of 2 minutes (radio command blocked and the firing capacitors are not charged). Remark: The safety time can be defined by the customer before production.
  • the RFU is designed to survive and will not execute premature firing at rapid change of air pressure;
  • information coding to increase the resistance to any jamming of radio signals and reduce to the minimum the risk of intentional or accidental effects;
  • preventing of unintentional arming by two independent actions on the CU are required for triggering.