Underwater Communication Jammers

Sonar UCJ-A

Sonar UCJ-CS

Display UCJ-RC

The Underwater Communication Jammers UCJ are designed to jam the communications between:

  • Base station and divers
  • Command station and its UAV’s
  • UAV’s in a network system

The UCJ’s can be used as standalone or be integrated in a system for protection of ports, naval bases and anchor ranks. The jammers are reactive and act on detected underwater signals.

The jammers have a spherical body equipped with wide band piezoelectric multi-element acoustic antennas and emit tonal noise and pulse radiation.

Three UCJ systems are available:

  • UCJ-A: Autonomy jammer. It can also be embedded in bottom effectors to counteract anti-effector AUV. The effector power unit can then provide power to the UCJ.
  • UCJ-CS: The system consists of passive sonar, surface control station, jammer and cable for communication and power supply. It has three synthesizers. Jammer can be started manually or automatically.
  • UCJ-RC:  The operation can be remotely controlled at distance up to 3 000 m by the hydro-acoustic system for control of underwater objects AUCS.

 All UCJ’s have 12 V DC power supplies, can be stored at temperatures from -30 to + 60 degrees C and operated in temperature from -4 to +35 degrees C.