The Sea Mine GM-750 is a new generation of deep-water mines. It’s aerodynamic shape, its two stabilizers (wings-shaped when opened) and its mechanical characteristics allow it to be positioned on the bottom of the seabed from a moving ship. The special camouflage skin hampers detection from sonar devices.

The sea mine GM-750 is activated by a fuse and a Control Unit. It is equipped with a passive hydroacoustic, a hydrodynamic and a magnetic sensor. Other kind of sensors can be integrated if required. The Control Unit processes all signals received from the sensors of the mine and from an optional Remote Control System. It executes the commands of the operator including deactivation and self-destruction. The mine can also be remotely controlled by the AUCS Hydro-acoustic system for control of underwater objects.


Operating depth, m up to 150
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm 2,250 x 890 x 530
Weight, kg 1,000±100
Charge 50%TNT/ 50%RDX or other
Main charge weight (TNT equivalent), kg 750 ± 30
Power supply (batteries) Non-rechargeable Lithium
Duration of programmable armed state (time until self-destruction), days From 6 to 180
Preset number of targets skipped without detonation from 0 to 8
Operating temperature, °C from – 4 to + 35
Storage temperature, °C from – 30 to + 60
Shelf life (in storehouse), years up to 10
Lifetime in water, days up to 180