Sea Mine PDM-120


Sea Mine PDM-120 is seabed mine which is designed to be effective against vessels of various types. The mine has a unique shape and it is also provided with an overall anti-sonar camouflage coating and merges into the environment so that it is hard to detect.

The fuse is based on a state-of-art analysis of the acoustic, magnetic and hydro acoustic influences from the target vessel.

Programmable features:

  • acoustic sensitivity
  • magnetic sensitivity
  • active duty time before neutralization/ time to self-destruction
  • target-counter
  • arming delay.

Safety features:

  • transportation safety lock
  • water-soluble safety lock
  • hydrostatic pressure safety lock
  • programmable arming delay.


Operating depth, m From 3 to 30
Weight in air/in water, kg 175/ <100
Dimensions height x width, mm Max 380 x 920
Main charge type TNT
Main charge weight, kg 120
Life in water, years >2
Operating temperature °C in air/water -10 to 50/-2 to 40
Storage temperature, °C from -40 to 60
Storage term in storehouse:

–       temperatures from -20° to 60°C

–       temperatures from  15° to 25°C


2 years

10 years