Sea Mine PDM-1B

Sea Mine PDM-1B


The Sea Mine PDM-1B represents a new generation of mines for building defence barriers at a depth of up to 3.0 m at sea, lake or river watersides. It is designed to destroy all kinds of assault vessels including motorboats, light armor amphibious vehicles and others.

The mine has a unified non-contact fuse with three safety locks: transportation, mechanical and electronic to prevent unintended activation. After removing the first safety lock and submerging the mine, the second safety lock is activated.

The fuse has integrated magnetic and acoustic sensors. Using the programming device, the duration of the armed state and target counter can be set.

The electronic block autonomously analyses the signals from the sensor system according to pre-set complex algorithm and generates detonation command only if target is detected above the mine. The fuse cannot be activated from humans and marine life.

The system also has two programmable modes for termination of the armed state after expiration of the pre-set time, i.e. self-destruction or neutralization.

If the mine is neutralized, the fuse separates from the warhead and emerges to the surface. The mine could be recovered and fuse can be factory refurbished in order to restore the functionality of the system.


Acoustic Underwater Control System – AUCS can be employed to control the mine from the coast or from a vessel. The system performs the following functions: activation and deactivation (neutralization or self-destruction). Two versions of AUCS are available: AUCS-M with remote control range up to 1 000 m and AUCS-L with remote control range up to 2 000 m distance. The depth remote control range of the two models is respectively up to 30m and 50m. The commands are transmitted by hydro acoustic signals from a control station. Each sensor system has an individual coded access number, which allows sending control signals to the fuses of each seamine, to separate groups of seamines or to all seamines of an anti-landing barrier within the range of control system.


Operating depth, m up to 3.0
Weight of the mine, kg 90 ± 10%
Weight of the warhead, kg 15
Overall dimensions without fuse (diameter x height), mm 750 x 390
Distance between two mines, m >10
Main charge (cast TNT/RDX), kg 12
Booster charge pressed RDX
Safety time (since submersion), minutes Up to 35
Maximum duration of armed state, days 90
Armed state setup step, days 1
Resistance to rough sea, ball 3-5 (depending on site)
Operation temperature in air/water, С° -10 to 50/-2 to 40
Storage term in storehouse:

–       temperatures from -20° to 60°C

–       temperatures from  15° to 25°C


2 years

10 years