Sea Mine PDM-250


Sea Mine PDM-250 is a seabed mine which is designed to be effective against marine surface vessels of any class.

It is a new generation mine which is completely made of non-magnetic materials according to up-to-date technologies.

The shape of the mine, as well as its completely non-magnetic structure and special anti-sonar camouflage coating (option), ensures that it merges with the environment on the seabed. A mine- field built up of PDM-250’s is thus difficult to detect.

The mine transitions into armed state on expiration of the safety time counted by the microprocessor timer.

The mine is manufactured in two versions, with or without anti-sonar coating.


Operating depth, m from 10 to 50
Weight of the mine, kg 440
Weight of the main charge of the warhead (cast TNT), kg 250
Dimensions of the warhead (length x width x height), mm 1300 x 780 x 350
Dimensions of the fuse (height x diameter), mm 396 x 380
Duration of armed state, days from 6 to 365
Number of targets skipped without mine detonation programmable from 0 to 9
Operating temperature, °C from – 4 to 40
Storage temperature, °C from – 30 to 60
Storage term shed, years 20