Sea Mines MEP-2RC & MEP-8RC

The MEP-2 RC surface and MEP-8 RC sea mines are designed to neutralize terrorist divers as well as UAVs or manipulators. The purpose is to protect harbours or other water areas.

MEP-2 RC consists of anchor, warhead with AUCS-receiver and Acoustic Underwater Control System, i.e. AUCS.

Through the AUCS-system the warhead can be commanded to jump up from the seabed.  After initiation the fuse is activated at a distance above the seabed which increases the effect of the warhead. The AUCS can also order activation and neutralization.

MEP-8 RC consists of warhead with frame, fuse and AUCS.  It is positioned quite easy by simply dropping the device into the water.

The AUCS can transmit different codes such as individual MEP-8 RC and MEP-2 RC can be activated.

The mines can operate at depth of up to 25 meters and their armed state is up to 90 days in switched on mode and 180 days on standby mode.  The operation temperature of both charges is from – 4°C to + 35°.