SeaFLIR 230

Long Range, Gyro-Stabilized RSTA System Tailored for Maritime Operations

seaflir_230The SeaFLIR 230 is a member of the FLIR family of 9″ gimballed turrets. Representing the very latest in sensor technology, the compact and lightweight multi-sensor system SeaFLIR 230 condenses extremely high performance surveillance and targeting capability into a compact, low mass and versatile system.

The SeaFLIR 230 is gyro-stabilized and tuned especially for maritime operations. It is stabilized for long range RSTA and on-the-move operation. Weight of turret of only 17,7 kg and 9” diameter class gimbal; provides the ability to deploy on any platform.

The SeaFLIR 230 has high resolution colour zoom TV camera with low light capability; powerful 640 x 480 cooled MWIR thermal camera with 10x continuous zoom optics; and optional laser pointer for tactical coordination, that can be seen by TV camera in low light mode. It has communications to command/control system, GPS, INS, Radar, Moving Map, Searchlight, AIS and more.

It is fully integrated to bridge control system and is qualified and rugged.

*Only for governmental customers in Norway