SeaFLIR® 240-EP

HD Multi-Spectral Surveillance System

The SeaFLIR 240-EP is the latest addition to the SeaFLIR family of maritime surveillance sensors. The system provides the same lightweight stabilized turret, HD payload options and inertial navigation capabilities as the SeaFLIR 240, and adds Extensible Processing (EP) capabilities hosted by the system’s Control Electronics Unit (CEU). The system’s CEU supports advanced image-processing like blending, Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX®), Adaptive Temporal Filtering (ATF) and Advanced Local Area Processing (ALAP) via a high-performance computing engine and dedicated graphics processor unit (GPU). The CEU provides up to 4 paired HDMI and HD-SDI video outputs, remote system command and control integration, and a 1 Terabyte Solid-State Drive for capturing video and images for post mission analysis. The system can drastically improve Special Ops surveillance, threat detection and general situational awareness across a range of environments.

*Only for governmental customers in Norway