Star SAFIRE 380-HDc

Long Range Performance in a Compact System

Introducing the Star SAFIRE 380-HDc, the first in a new class of compact, high performance, stabilized, HD imaging systems specifically engineered for helicopter ISR operators. The 380-HDc provides an unmatched SWaP-C advantage for airborne applications that demand high performance ISR in a light-weight, compact package. Specifically tailored to excel at long range performance under extreme rotary aircraft conditions.

Lightweight of 67lbs (30, 39 kg). Reduced weight minimizes center of gravity and balance concerns and increases mounting options and aircraft endurance.

The built-in vibration isolation eliminates effects from high energy rotor blades.

The optics provide 2x-4x greater magnification for longer reach than other light weight systems – fly higher for stealth and safety, or see more detail farther away. Continuous zoom lenses for thermal, colour & low light offers uninterrupted viewing and multi-FOV spotter enables instant / fast FOV changes to ensure nothing is missed. It has also “Dual-view” capability for setting one camera to wide for awareness while zooming in on the detail with another.

The SWIR band is effective at imaging through smog, smoke and haze providing imagery when other sensors cannot.

The HD imagery stays digital from its capture all the way to the output – same resolution, uncompressed, clear and pristine the entire way through.

*Only for governmental customers in Norway