The Multi-Mission Imaging Solution for Land and Air Applications

The Star SAFIRE® III is one of the world’s most popular gyro-stabilized EO/IR systems. Carrying seven payloads and tested/qualified beyond Mil Specs, this system is the workhorse for airborne, land and maritime force protection and medevac in hotspots around the world. Over 500 Star SAFIRE III’s have been delivered to the U.S. military, NATO and nations worldwide.

It has multi-mission capable, matched multi-FOV optics and has image blending and multiple laser payloads. The colour spotter scope is high-resolution.

The Star SAFIRE III brings true all day and all night imaging capability in multiple wavebands, and forms the basis for image blending and it combines critical spectral information from IR imager with image intensified low-light camera or long range spotter scope. It can view and track ground locations using the fully-embedded IMU; follow moving targets with the multi-mode Autotracker.

*Only for governmental customers in Norway