F-UDC-sync is a new type of fuse designed to enable the diver to increase the destruction on the target by using up to 4-four UDC-limpet mines. These fuses synchronize with great accuracy the moment of detonations of the connected limpet mines.

The connections of the fuses F-UDC-sync are by special cable(s) with watertight locking. Both cable ends have built-in induction transmitters/receivers. Each fuse has two cable connectors placed at 180 degrees from each other. Both cables and fuses are completely watertight. F-UDC-sync can also be used as a standard fuse in one limpet mine without connecting to another fuse(s).

The limpet mines with fuse F-UDC-sync can be placed at a distance of 40 cm to 2 meters from each other.

F-UDC-sync fuse has anti-removal and a light sensor which detonates the mine(s) if attempt to remove or illuminate one of the connected limpet mines.

The operating parameters of the fuse F-UDC-sync are set by a contactless programming device for operation on land and in water.  When the programmer is configured with the required settings, all 4 fuses are programmed one by one.

Operational depth, m Up to 90
Electronic Safety time, minutes Minimum 15
Maximum duration of the armed state, hours 72
Minimum duration of armed state, minutes 15
Programming steps of armed state, minutes 1
Operational temperature, °C in air From -10 to 50
Operational temperature, °C in water From -2 to 40
Storehouse temperature in conditions -30° to 60 °C, years 2
Storehouse temperature in conditions 20° ± 5 °C, years 10