Tac-Eye 2.0

taceye_2-0The Tac-Eye 2.0 is a display system for non-standard environments. Head worn and hands free, it replaces a direct-view display while enhancing the capabilities of the User.

Its high-contrast SVGA display is perfect for displaying images from computers, IR imagers, camera systems, thermal weapon sights, or any other video source. Simple controls allow the operator to quickly adjust the display to accommodate all environmental conditions with little to no training required. The Tac-Eye 2.0 can be mounted via clip for glasses or a boom for helmets.

The Tac-Eye Advantage

– Optics module does not impact ballistic integrity of protective eyewear
– Extremely stable goggle or sunglasses mount option is comfortable for extended durations
– User can remove the system without removing their helmet
– Adjustable HMD module gives user ability to move the display out of the field of view or into a position ideal for the individual
– 60% increase in battery life of a typical computer using the Tac-Eye LT over native direct view screen
– Custom cable assemblies and interfaces are available
– Proven HMD production and delivery capability