TacFLIR 280-HD

The world’s first stabilized compact HD multi-sensor imaging system for tactical vehicles

Giving unrivalled long range optical and system performance. TacFLIR 280-HD outperforms every other compact system available, and is specifically designed to take a pounding and still provide long-range performance.

The lightweight turret, less than 25 kg with its low weight minimizes centre of gravity and mast strength requirements on small vehicles. 1000 mm focal length optics provide 2-4 times greater magnification than other systems. Continuous zoom lenses for thermal, colour & low light offers uninterrupted FOV changes and multi-FOV spotter scope enables fast FOV changes and maximum optical zoom.
It gives “dual-view” capability – image blending, split screen and picture in picture options.

The SWIR camera can see through sea mist, smog, smoke and haze, providing imagery when other sensors cannot.

*Only for governmental customers in Norway