High Performance Multi-Sensor

The Talon continues the FLIR tradition of providing military-qualified EO/IR systems that operate on a variety of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, ships, small boats, and land vehicles. The Talon is a program-proven, lightweight, compact, multi-sensor gyro-stabilized 9″ turret that contains up to six payloads simultaneously, with SMPTE digital video for all channels, ensuring the highest resolution images. It has embedded IMU/GPS, laser rangefinder, laser pointer/illuminator and multi-target tracker.

Talon has continuous zoom 640 x 480 infrared camera and two EO options (colour and colour/EMCCD combination) deliver high-resolution imagery day or night. It eliminates separate electronics box, significantly reducing overall system weight and simplifying platform integration and logistics.

Talon supports high accuracy range to target, target geolocation and GeoLock™ capability. Also it works with platform GPS/INS/EGS/AHARS Systems for higher accuracy solutions
Talon identifies targets for observers using NV devices while remaining invisible to others.

The illuminator also augments EMCCD performance in low light conditions
The advanced capability tracks targets or scenes with all imagers (IR, CCD, EMCCD)

*Only for governmental customers in Norway