Underwater Airgun

The Underwater Air-gun is designed for non-lethal incapacitation of terrorist divers detected by the underwater observation protection system of harbors and coastal facilities.

The Air-gun is controlled by the Acoustic Underwater Control System AUCS through coded acoustic signals at a distance up to 1 000 m (AUCS-M) or 2 000 m (AUCS-L).

The Air-gun system consists of:

  • Air-gun;
  • Support system:
    • containers with compressed air;
    • electronic unit;
    • AUCS-receiver;
    • high pressure connecting fittings.

The Air-gun is positioned at distance 5 m from the Support system. The Air-gun and the AUCS-receiver shall be arranged at least 2 m above the seabed.

The AUCS-receiver is connected to the electronic unit and controls the operation modes of the Air-gun depending on the command given (i.e. transmission of single impulse or a series of impulses).