Underwater Demolition Charges

The limpet charges UDC-5, UDC-6, UDC-7, UDC-8 and UDC-10 are a new generation underwater charges of high technology, designed for destruction of vessel’s hulls made from ferromagnetic or non-ferromagnetic materials.

The operation depth of the charges is up to 50m (up to 90m for UDC-5). Their shape ensures low hydrodynamic resistance and the magnetic system provides stable fixation to the vessel’s hull.

The charges are equipped with fuses with anti-removal mechanism, which contain a mechanical transportation protection device and a water-soluble transportation safety device.

The testing and programming of the fuses are carried out by means of programming device . The charges are easy to operate and the diver is continuously informed about its status by means of LED indication.

The photoelectric sensor (optional) ensures the mine explosion in case of a sharp illumination on the fuse.

Optionally the charge set includes a special adapter and an underwater screwdriver with rechargeable battery for fixing the mine to non-ferromagnetic surfaces.

The UDC are offered in two versions: live and training.