Underwater Time Delay Fuses


Underwater Time Delay Fuses UTDF-3M and UTDF-2B are designed to initiate various types of underwater charges.

The fuse UTDF-2B contains 50 g RDX and is intended for a direct detonation of underwater charges. It has a shaped charge able to penetrate 20mm steel in order to detonate underwater explosives inside unexploded ordnance (mines, torpedoes, bombs, artillery shells and others). An adapter consisting of magnets ensures the stable fixation of the fuse to the target.

The fuse UTDF-3M initiates a “Nonel” shock tube detonator through Primer No 8.

Each fuse is provided with a soluble transportation safety lock in the fire circuit, which ensures safety during assembly and programming.

The activation of the fuses is controlled by a microprocessor.       


Overall dimensions (D x H), mm Ø 95 x 135
Weight, kg 0,68 ± 0,05
Power supply (lithium batteries) 3.6 V
Safe time of the water-soluble tablet No less than 10 minutes
Timer, safe time (including safe time of water-soluble device) No less than 30 minutes
Min/max duration armed state 30 minutes/100 hrs
Minimum step of setting the armed state, minutes 1
Operation temperature in air/water, °C -10 to 50/ -2 to 40
Storage term in storehouse temperatures:

–       from -20° to 60°C

–       from 15° to 25°C


2 years

10 years