X7 WarDog Advanced Tactical Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) System

X7 WarDog Advanced Tactical Unattended Ground Sensor system.  The X7 sensor system features MEMS acoustic, multi-modal seismic and magnetic for advanced feature recognition and directional tracking via embedded beam-forming algorithms.  These advanced sensors and algorithms significantly increase range and false alarm improvements in detection of humans, vehicles and other targets.


The X7 sensor can detect human walking targets, moving vehicles, as well as human voice.  New algorithms under development will add UAV and aircraft detection capability.  Hockey puck size, wireless charging, 256 bit AES encryption, GPS, and mesh or point-to-point (P2P) capability.  Fully cursor-on-target (CoT) integrated allowing for remote monitoring via ATAK, WinTAK, etc.  Complete C2 via an Android phone or tablet attached to a small gateway/dongle.  Advanced map based C2 App allows the user to change detection modes, command the sensor field to sleep, zeroize sensors and detect sensors that have been tampered.  The X7 is the most advanced unattended ground sensor system on the market today.

The X7 family of tactical sensors also includes the X7-Mag+ sensor, capable of magnetically detecting vehicles at ranges far exceeding any magnetic UGS on the market.  The X7-Mag+ sensor includes weapon detection capability as well as detection of other small ferrous objects carried by a target of interest.